Standards for Charitable Accountability

At GrantPathways we often tell our clients that they need to think of themselves as a business with a mission. Other times we say they are a business with a big heart. We recently heard another non-profit expert refer to... View Article

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Strategy for Nonprofits

As leaders of non-profit agencies you may often ask yourself if it is really necessary for your organization to spend valuable resources to develop a strategic plan?  It certainly is!  Keep reading to find out why your nonprofit should revise... View Article

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PROFIT is NOT a Four Letter Word

Using For-Profit Strategies in the Non-Profit World 1prof·it: noun, often attributive \?prä-f?t\ Definition of PROFIT 1: a valuable return : gain 2: the excess of returns over expenditure in a transaction or series of transactions; especially : the excess of the selling price of goods over their cost Although there is no mention... View Article

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Building a Mission Statement

You don't have to talk to our staff at GrantPathways for too long before you hear us talking about the importance of building your business foundation. You are a business   with a great big heart!  This is a great article... View Article

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Act Out of Knowledge

While enjoying a celebration lunch with a client recently, I heard some heartbreaking news.  My client recently attended a workshop hosted by a secular organization in which she was one of the only representatives from the faith-based sector.  During the... View Article

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Nonprofit Board Responsibility

A strong and effective board is critical to the on-going success of an organization.  This article does a good job of helping board members to understand their roles and responsibilities. Julé

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Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

According to John Maxwell, author of over 70 leadership books, everything rises and falls on leadership.  As the leader of your nonprofit, you will be called upon to exhibit excellent leadership abilities, not only for the success of your organization... View Article

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Are You the Problem?

If you are a nonprofit leader and are struggling to attract and keep good board and staff members, the first question to ask yourself is "Am I the problem?". The answer is probably, "Yes!", even if only in part. Of... View Article

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