Our Story – Contest Entry

Pathways to Growth is a thriving small business comprised of a group of professionals who found their passion…helping nonprofits win grants and transform lives. We are a team of highly skilled, inspired writers and consultants who have won millions of dollars for our clients, giving them the opportunity to grow and amplify their impact in their local communities.
The services we provide enable dedicated nonprofit professionals to help thousands of men, women and children from all walks of life. As a direct result of our services, we have helped low-income children receive the academic help they need to succeed; homeless, pregnant, at-risk teens and women find safe housing and deliver healthy babies; immigrants learn English and become US citizens; people with disabilities receive equipment needed to live a full life; hungry families find desperately needed food and shelter. Although the list of worthwhile causes is endless, and we will never meet the thousands of women, children, families and others who benefit from our work, one of our greatest joys is knowing we make a difference in their communities. Our team works in the background, not only helping our nonprofit clients win grants to fund this amazing array of charitable work, but also growing their impact and influence through our nonprofit development skills. It is truly a remarkable and humbling experience for everyone on our team.

Founder/President Julé Colvin has invested her entire 30-year career helping to grow and develop nonprofits. Regarding Pathways to Growth, Julé states, “When I moved to Tampa in 2004, I never dreamed I would be starting a business. It wasn’t even on my radar. But, as is often said, God works in mysterious ways! Now, almost 13 years later, my little idea to march out on my own to start a business to help nonprofits has grown into a very successful endeavor with national and international reach. We have raised millions of dollars for charitable causes, and helped many clients develop their business acumen, build stronger leaders and boards, develop significant outcomes and move their organizations to higher levels of success. I am thrilled to have been of service to every client with whom we have worked. I am also honored to be leading our great group of writers and consultants. They come from all business backgrounds, each one compassionate and dedicated to producing excellent results for our clients. Our team produces outstanding quality work, completed on time.”

Pathways to Growth currently leverages LinkedIn in a variety of critical ways. We seek to increase our visibility and expertise by sharing our company blog weekly and participating in group discussions. We connect with potential nonprofit clients, and we recruit new grant writers to our team. To date, we have conducted this work primarily through our company president Julé Colvin’s LinkedIn profile, but we are now building our company profile. We hope to utilized LinkedIn Pro Finder to connect with nonprofit leaders who can benefit from our services and potentially bring new writers to our team.

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